Donut Kabobs was created as the brainchild of two brothers with an insatiable appetite for good food. On a memorable trip to Seattle, they discovered these little delectable creations at a local gathering known as Pikes Market. After a little bit of legwork and some top-secret research, the unique donuts recipe was discovered and the miniature machines were acquired. Extensive experimenting soon followed with different icing and topping combinations – an embarrassing number of sugar-induced belly aches later, the perfect sauce was created.

The real challenge came in it’s presentation. The bothers had seen them on paper plates, and paper dishes; unworthy mediums for this celestial treat. Every presentation seemed beneath them – what else was there? This was a question pondered until the epiphany struck them on the side of the head – STICKS.

And the Donut Kabob was birthed.

Quality Ingredients

our toppings are made fresh, our glaze is one of our favorite creations its like having a buttery slice of heaven in every bite

Made fresh everyday

Every dish is made fresh the moment it’s ordered. Our dough is never frozen and our fruit is fresh from the market.

The Band:

The Truck

The Truck

We took the hard route and renovated a 1969 retro trailer. It was worth the hard work; our groovy rig makes a statement when we show up to any event.



Weston has always had a passion for food since he was very young. This love for food was passed down to his 2 year old daughter Noa who is a fan of everything food. Her favorite Donut Kabobs treat is glazed mini donuts. Weston has been in the hospitality business for 7 years. He also owns a hotel management business. You will find Weston trying new food trucks, visiting Donut Kabob events, behind the food truck window and hard at work setting up catering events for Donut Kabobs.

Catering & Events


Tyler, a.k.a. The Doughnut Shepherd, is a food connoisseur. He is the chef behind these legendary mini donuts. If you’re lucky, you may get the chance to meet this bearded wonder of the dessert industry. Fun fact: he actually started his career as a cake decorator. This cake boss demands only the highest quality for his heavenly desserts. So if you happen to see his retro trailer in your neighborhood, come say howdy and you will walk away lifelong friends