Plain $4

For those who prefer the original sin.

Cinnamon Sugar $5

Just a few dashes of some sweet and zesty cinnamon sugar make this donut a palate pleaser


Best Seller. Our signature sauces compliment our donuts like nothing else can

Powdered Sugar $5

The bakers choice – heavenly powder kissing the golden skin of these little beauties

Chocolate $5

Hersheys and donuts are a match made in heaven, but don’t take our word for it


Melted, milky sugar known by the alias, Caramel


Cream and Cookies $6

Chocolate Glaze, Oreos and Whipped Cream garnished with cookie crumbles

Nutella Banana Cream $6

Graham crackers, Nutella spread, whipped cream, and market fresh bananas

Maple Bacon $6

Maple syrup glazed bacon crumbles, topped with whipped cream and more bacon!!

Custom $6

Any combination of the previous 3 Specials. Max 4 mix-ins.


Coffee and Cream $2

Premium Coffee with our custom cream for those who need a little kick

Mexican Coke & IBC Root Beer$2

The legendary Mexican touch on an American favorite, or a good-ol’ bottle of Root Beer


Less is more. Just a simple can of the daily soda special

Spiked Lemonade $3


Redbull Energy & Fresh Lemonade